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I’m unbelievably excited to see these arctic animals up close in their natural environment. They offer both dorm beds and private rooms and come with high ratings, is very clean, and has a great and helpful staff. It is located within a short walking distance of the city centre, has great ratings, comfortable rooms, breakfast included, and free parking. This area was used as a filming location for the Skyfall House in the recent Bond movie, and also numerous scenes in the Harry Potter film series. From Glasgow, we drive north through Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park to Glencoe. It’s an hour drive on to Loch Ness, famous for ‘Nessie’ – the monster that is rumoured to dwell beneath the surface of the lake. While very small, there are so many things to do in Orkney and one could easily spend more than the three nights I recommend for this 10-Day Scotland itinerary. I think Scotland would be a good place to try it, as long as you rented a car from a depot outside of the downtown areas – city driving can be a nightmare even when you are familiar with the place! However, there is a lot of Scotland that remains off of the typical tourist trail and these places are very much worth visiting. Advise go as Winter descends or very early Spring. As you can see planning the ideal 10-day Scotland road trip itinerary can be a bit complicated, with so many different routes available to you. If you have less than 10 days in Scotland: It’s very possible that you don’t have 10 days to spend in Scotland—that’s fine! Take the time to explore the main town on the island, Portree, and browse the shops along its high street and maybe pop in to a pub to enjoy the convivial vibes. Thanks for your comment, Anis . A Day on the Magical Island of Staffa Start your 10-day Scotland road trip in the “Gateway to the Highlands,” Inverness. Winters are cold and dark, the days can be short because of Scotland’s northern location and you may find some accommodation options and restaurant in more tourist-reliant towns and villages to be closed for the offseason. For the past few years, Scotland has held one of the top spots on my destinations to-do list. The plan is to fill two days with activities such as hiking around the impressive rocky landscape, stopping at viewpoints with spectacular natural scenery, sampling some Scottish Whiskey, visiting lighthouses and castles, and of course taking billions of photos. Let us know in the comments! If you want to rent a car in Scotland, we recommend using RentalCars.com to find the best deals across all available platforms. Had you done a lot of opposite-side-of-the-street driving before? Here are some options: Aviemore Youth Hostel — If you are on a budget and would prefer to stay closer to civilization, then Aviemore Youth Hostel is the place for you. Click here to check availability, Bettyhill Hotel — This charming hotel located in the fishing village of Bettyhill is the perfect place to stop for the night on Scotland’s north coast. Edinburgh is the second-most popular destination to visit in the UK (after London) and, therefore, there are countless accommodation options to choose from. Of course, breakfast is included each morning. Click here to browse other options in Inverness! Trip To Scotland Cost Guide in 2021. Inverness also has a great restaurant and craft beer scene, so there is something for everyone’s taste in this compact Scottish city. Not quite what you’re looking for? If you have more than ten days to devote to this Scotland itinerary, there are a number of different options you can make to extend your time. Climb to the top of the Scott Monument 7. I think that you’ll find just a few more tourists in Orkney and the Highlands in 2020 than you did in 1975 — probably a few more Aussies as well! Late spring and early autumn are going to be the warmest months and the closer you get to winter on either end is going to be colder. You can purchase my Edinburgh city guide for a full look at the city’s must-sees. Not quite what you’re looking for? If you drive from Edinburgh directly to the Isle of Skye, it takes between five and six hours with 235 miles of driving. click here to get a quote from WorldNomads, The Ultimate 2-Week Balkans Itinerary: 3 Perfect Routes, The Ultimate 7-Day Croatia Itinerary: 3 Perfect Routes. It is not uncommon to see pods of dolphins and lazy sea lions just off of Ullapool harbour. These islands have a fascinating history (lots of Viking invasions!) Your email address will not be published. Not quite what you’re looking for? A walk up Arthur’s Seat(or Calton Hill for something easier) 6. Flip. Food: £10 to £25 / day Click here to check availability, Loch Leven Hotel & Distillery — A lovely family-run hotel on the banks of Loch Levan, this place makes for the perfect place to stay in Glencoe. Click here to see their availability, The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel — A wonderful hotel located on the banks of Loch Lomond, this is a great option for those looking for a bit of luxury on your trip to Scotland. I’ve been dreaming about its fairytale castles, rocky hills, and serene lakes, and now I’ll finally have the chance to see them. Ullapool is very small, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. This sub-arctic plateau offers ample outdoor activities to delight even the most adrenaline-seeking of travellers. Click here to see their availability. Known to be wet, grey, and chilly, Scotland isn’t famous for its nice weather, however, there are still some months that are better to visit than others. Edinburgh is an incredibly beautiful city that is compact enough to explore entirely on foot but filled with interesting things that you’re sure never to be bored. The beautiful streets and landmarks are really something to enjoy and you’re sure to love the vibes of the city, especially as it’s a relatively “off the beaten path” destination to visit. Click here to browse other options in Fort William or Glencoe! 45 years later, going back in 2020. Here are in-depth posts on our entire Scotland road trip! Inverness is a popular base for those looking to explore the Highlands of Scotland and therefore isn’t lacking in accommodation options for any size of budget. They have a range of both dorm and private rooms, good facilities and occasionally organise social events in the evening. Our Scotland Itinerary is around 800 miles (1300km), with around 23 hours of actual driving over a 10 day trip. Answer 11 of 12: Hello :) I would appreciate some expert/local advice on my itinerary for my 10 day holiday to Scotland. 10 Day Road trip England, Wales and Scotland . Below is more or less what you can expect to spend per person per day on a trip to Scotland on a budget to mid-range trip, assuming that you’re travelling as a couple or with friends and have rented a car and are splitting accommodation and transport costs. Click here to see their availability, Torridon Guest House — This quaint guesthouse is one of the best places to stay in Inverness if your budget allows for a little bit more than a hostel. Though small, there are countless things to do in the Scottish capital that will ensure that you’re never bored while spending a couple of days in Edinburgh. Tain is a lovely town to explore and doesn’t really see much tourism at all, so it’s very much worth exploring. My love of dark tourism has made me especially excited to see the Glasgow Necropolis – a spooky cemetery dating back to the 1830s with graves and mausoleums of well-known Glaswegians. Thanks Laura! Tweet. Well-poised to explore a lot of what this region has to offer, spend one day exploring the city itself and another two going on a number of day trips that are available. Your trip gave me inspiration . However, no matter which route you decide to take, there is no denying that you will come back with countless amazing memories. We began our Scotland road trip itinerary in Inverness, where we met up with a couple of Phil’s friends. I’ll no doubt have plenty of destination guides to write after this trip, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts on Scotland! Click here to check their availability. The wife and I ( 43 and 39 y.o. There are countless hill-walking opportunities on Skye that are suitable for all levels of fitness, so it’s certain that you’ll find something that will suit you. It will come as no surprise that the best time to visit Scotland — that is if you want the best weather — is in the summer months of July and August. There are over fifty distilleries that you could tour and learn a little more about how Scotch is made and how to taste it. Mapping out the ideal route through Scotland can be a daunting task, especially if you only have the time for a 10-day Scotland itinerary. I’d originally planned to have a glamping experience overnight at Loch Ness, but when I went to book it, I found that it had sold out for our dates. Though the driving distances aren’t actually huge – most days should be around 3 hours at most It should be a great 10 days! We’ll spend time casually hanging out as well as doing a few touristy activities and possibly an Edinburgh city tour. Running through the eastern portion of this magnificent landscape, the route owes its name to the highest public road in Britain, and boasts some of the wildest, most dramatic Highland scenery imaginable. Real Mary Kings Close 3. These three Scotland itineraries combine some of the best places to visit in the country, include options if you would like to extend, and can all be combined if you have a long time to spend exploring the incredible country that is Scotland! Click here to see their availability, Creag Dubh Bed & Breakfast — This charming bed and breakfast is considered to be one of the top-rated places to stay on Skye. The city of Inverness surprised me and was a great half-day stop on my Scotland road trip. And while we’ve found is that planning the perfect 10-day Scotland itinerary can be tricky we have put together three perfect routes to help you begin exploring the Highlands and beyond! If you’re curious about where were would suggest to rest your head, then make sure to browse through these options: Skyewalker Hostel — A great, family-run hostel perfect for budget and solo travellers. From Edinburgh, it’s time to leave the big city (though Edinburgh does retain a lovely, pastoral charm) and head out into some of the incredible nature that Scotland is famed for. It is located close to the Smoo Cave and also some fantastic hiking routes. When touring Scotland by car (or camper or bike), your route can vary in length; trips can be as short or as long as you like. We would also suggest that you take out a third-party policy with iCarHireInsurance in order to be affordably covered for any excess. They have a number of great rooms available and a wonderful breakfast included in the nightly rate. From Inverness, it’s time to head a bit south to the Cairngorms National Park. A 6-Day San Francisco to Los Angeles Road Trip Itinerary Ultimate New Zealand South Island Road Trip Itinerary – 2020 Edition A story of a man going on a once in a lifetime road trip of 30,000 Km through 41 countries in 6 months all whilst supporting several charities. With a well-crafted route, 10 days in Scotland is just enough time to see most of the major points of interest that beckon millions of travelers each year. Click here to see their availability, Heatherlea — Also located in the biggest town on Orkney, Kirkwall, Heatherlea is a lovely bed and breakfast to stay at if you’re looking for a bit more comfort on your Scotland itinerary. Click here to see their availability. It is easy to get around the city on foot and take in the laid-back atmosphere. Orkney is, however, a small island so we do recommend booking accommodation in advance as the good places go quickly. Days 1-2: Glasgow. But road trip to the Inverness-shire glens of Glen Affric and Glen Strathfarrar in Strathglass, just 20 minutes south of Inverness, an ancient and undisturbed Scotland is revealed. However, if you don’t want to spend the entire two days in Fort William and Glencoe hiking and enjoying the incredible views, there are also plenty of things to do in the town of Fort William it that make it very much worth visiting. This part of the journey will provide you with possibly the most scenic drive of this whole Scotland road trip itinerary. Are you planning the perfect Scotland itinerary? 28 Best Stops on a London to Edinburgh Drive, Is Scotland Expensive? Make your way along the windy, one-lane roads of the Northwest Highlands to the small, sleepy town of Durness and make sure to pull over and take a lot of pictures — the scenery is truly spectacular. 572 Shares * There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. Click here to browse other options in the Cairngorms! If you’re on a tight budget and want to save some money, we would suggest that you spend the night wild camping under the stars in Durness or nearby. Transport: £25 / day. One great option for accommodation in Orkney is Airbnb such as this modern apartment in central Kirkwall, however, there are also a number of hotels and hostels. Click here to browse other options in the North Coast! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pin 562. islands — the Isle of Skye! If you’re searching for accommodation in Tain, make sure to check out these options: Shandwick House — A lovely guesthouse in the heart of Tain, this is a perfect place to rest your head in the city. This hotel has a range of rooms, great ratings, and has breakfast included in the rate. If you have more time to spare than a 10-day Scotland itinerary, then consider heading even further north from the incredible Orkney’s all the way to Shetland! Your email address will not be published. If you need a shorter trip, I would start by taking one day each from your time in Glasgow and the Isle of Skye. The plan is to meet up with some Aussie friends in Glasgow, then make our way around Scotland for an action-packed road trip around the countryside before ending up in Edinburgh. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. The best Scotland road trip itinerary is one that prioritizes time and fuel efficient routes, while still allowing a flexible schedule. However, because the weather is at it’s warmest and the days are at their longest, these are also the most popular months for tourists, as well. This 10-day road-trip around Scotland is the perfect way to explore the Lowlands, the Highlands and even the Isle of Islay (a typically overlooked area of Scotland). Why we Chose Scotland This country is in our blood, literally, as Jackson has direct ancestors that immigrated to New Zealand generations ago. Day 2 of our 10 day Scotland Road Trip! A few hip cafes and restaurants are also on the itinerary, and I might seek out some vegetarian haggis (an essential Scottish experience!). Roughly following the North Coast 500 route, this 10-day Scotland itinerary takes you to some of the most beautiful, sparsely populated and historic places in all of the country. They have a number of great rooms available, and a great restaurant and bar on site. If you want to get the most out of all of the beautiful nature in the Cairngorms, then camping is a great option. While many may try to visit this area as a day trip, you are very much going to be happy that you decided to spend two full days exploring this area. Click here to see their availability. They have a range of comfortable and cosy rooms available and very friendly owners. Not quite what you’re looking for? A Day on Scotland’s Mystical Isle of Harris & Lewis. spending at least one day exploring Inverness. If you’re jetting in from afar, Edinburgh is very likely to be your starting point. The best day trip ( East Neuk / Shutterstock) ... No road trip around Scotland is complete without a visit to Ben Nevis and Glencoe. It will very much allow you to do both Glencoe and Fort William justice. From the Trossachs, it’s time to head a bit north to some of the most iconic places in the Scottish Highlands, the gorgeous and historic Glencoe and the lovely town of Fort William.
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