how to keep employees engaged during covid

This should include abiding by social distancing guidelines and providing masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective equipment to your employees before they go on site. When these actions come through one person—the manager or team leader—some integration automatically takes place. Organizations with good reputations may be able to attract talent at a discount; the reverse may be true for stigmatized organizations. Use a video conferencing platform to hold virtual team meetings and create a workplace community. Overcommunicate. Identify issues before they become a problem. There is also the issue that over the next 18 to 24 months some people will return to the office while others continue working from home; this can lead to rival subcultures. The COVID-19 pandemic has not altered these dynamics as much as it has intensified or complicated them: A big question remains. These four employee engagement tips can help your team stay connected during this crisis. Reduce anxiety and sustain team spirit. This requires deciding what performance metrics are truly important and being consistent in their application. All this added stress makes it challenging to keep employees engaged at work. Game night? In many states, construction companies are considered essential businesses, so a company-wide plan for protecting worker safety during the pandemic is crucial. Sharply differentiate good performance from average and poor performance. Please look to your managers: Do they have what they need to lead and manage? If you want to help your employees feel connected and engaged, especially in times of crisis such as COVID-19, follow these 20 advices: 1. What can organizations and team leaders do to increase fulfillment of each of the four drives? Where some job responsibilities may have decreased or stopped entirely, new priorities have popped up to take their place. You could also share information about local daycare centers that are still open for essential workers, use GAF Rewards to purchase gifts or gift cards for employees, and share links to continuing education and professional development courses online. Everyone on your team can now add the line “ … during a global pandemic” to their list of job duties. ... says the company has created new Slack channels for engagement and also utilizes Slack’s … Organizations must focus on sustaining and boosting employee engagement during this uncertain time. Engaged employees spend half the day at their desks and half the day communicating with co-workers; Engaged employees frequently share exciting new ideas with their bosses. Best practices: Processes must be transparent and fair, and their transparency and fairness must be communicated to employees. Fifteen of the top twenty drivers of employee engagement relate directly to an employee’s direct supervisor. As they navigate... 3. The first is through whatever opportunities for learning, problem-solving, and creativity exist in the job itself. Not every employee will feel comfortable communicating in a larger forum, so let your team know there are other outlets available where they can voice their needs. The fact that sales was on the third floor and R&D on the second isn’t quite as relevant as it once was. It’s hard to replicate daily interactions with co-workers, casual encounters by the water cooler, or after-work drinks, but we are encouraging our employees to find time for virtual coffees, lunches, or even happy hours with their colleagues.” Here is a list of 15 ideas Digital Air Strike is doing and other small businesses can easily do to keep their employees engaged during this COVID-19 work-from-home period. 1. Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration, people are guided by four basic emotional needs, How Remote Work Changes What We Think About Onboarding, What Leaders Can Do to Fight the COVID Fog, It’s Time to Reset Decision-Making in Your Organization, What the Stockdale Paradox Tells Us About Crisis Leadership, The COVID Two-Step for Leaders: Protect and Pivot, [Challenge] employees to think more broadly, Unexpected Exercise Advice for the Super Busy: Ditch the Rigid Routine, Is A/B Testing Effective? For more tips, tools and updates, see the GAF Contractor Resources for managing through the pandemic. This greatly increases the importance of managers. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers—these... 2. Think about creative bonding experiences—an online talent show? Avoid creating a system that plays favorites or denies people the opportunity to improve. Manage your teams during the COVID-19 disruption with insights from 100 of the world's largest companies. The drive to defend is the desire to be known to have deserved the job and gotten it fairly, and to believe that the job will not be capriciously taken away. Likewise, investments in employees’ long-term prospects via continuing education/development or ownership options may allow for a discount in pay. How do we help employees with work/life balance?”, “How to keep people engaged and connected and OPTIMISTIC in appropriate measure while so many have so many competing personal and business and health and family issues right now.”, “Keeping spirits high in a sales environment.
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