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1.1K 21 3 ⚠️I DO NOT OWN LORE OLYMPUS OR ITS CHARACTERS! Rachel finds it hard to imagine the characters of her comic as real people. Reblog. Created Jul 16, 2019. I’m hoping we get some awesome scene where Hades finds out and jets off to beat the crap out of Apollo but I even have my doubts about that being a for sure thing. Aug 9, 2019 - More Lore Olympus Fan art. Hades got within an inch of the sun god, eyes shifting color as his skin darkened to resemble a profane rendition of the night sky. 16.1k. We know he's very fond of Persephone and is protective of her and if he ever finds out what Apollo did to Persephone he's going to be upset about it. (Episode 50) Artemis has Apollo in her phone as “Dumb Brother.” Hades is wearing earrings with his crown. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. ... stories, fan theories and more about the webcomic Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe. welcometoaurorashell . When Persephone finds out that Minthe hit Hades: Help this webtoon has taken over my life . This will make Hera happy (until she learns about Semele) and Zeus won’t have to worry about fathering a son who could overthrow him. Apollo/Daphne: Following the above listed events, Artemis and some other Olympians find out the truth of what Apollo did to Perse. I made another one give me more characters to do! Apollo felt Hades' breath breeze hot across his face. ... What's gonna happen when Hades finds out? 10. #loreolympusfanart Persephone finds herself alone with Apollo, he traps her and she is unable to move or think. I can believe that women, for some bizarre fucking reason, find you charming. The panel in episode 53, where Hades is screaming internally, is a … Members. We definitely will likely see Daphne shun Apollo like she does in the myth tho. Join. Rachel believes that the role of Hades could go to Justin Baldoni since he has the right shoulders. Thetis will be banished from Olympus and eventually have Achilles. 12 Aries (March 21-April 19) - Ares Aries's Roman counterpart, Mars, is the ruling planet over Aries, and while this shouldn't matter for … lore ... rambles lore olympus lore olympus meme lo apollo lore olympus lore olympus apollo i hate him so much disgusting asspollo. Follow. If Hades confronts Apollo. greekmythology; loreolympushades; loreolympus +7 more # 9. 120. Unfollow. 21 days ago. But because of the dynamic differences in Lore Olympus, this list is based on the characters and which personality they align with most in the Zodiac. 680 notes. However, she still has a few people in her mind, whom she thinks would make for a great cast. "You know Apollo, I can believe a lot of things. Online. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works I wonder, what if what triggers Hades into a blackout rage is a combination of things?" ** Might go with FridgeHorror the reactions of Detemer, Hades and maybe even Ares when they find out about what Apollo did to Persephone and blackmailing her as well. But also Hades reaction when he finds out that Zeus who had knowledge of it but didn't punish Apollo at all. Lore Olympus One shots by homosapein123. Hermes is checking out Persephone’s butt as she leads him into the house before getting ready to go to work with him. The dream cast for Lore Olympus according to Rachel Smythe.
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