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In fact, there is a way to get an original essay! I said, 'What are you going to do with them, Dad? In the song “Strange Fruit” the singer of the song sings about some rather strange fruit. Recently Added. The man behind "Strange Fruit" is New York City's Abel Meeropol, and he really has two stories. We are glad that you like it, but you cannot copy from our website. Billie Holiday. Herbie Hancock and Marcus Miller did an instrumental version, with Miller evoking the poem on his mournful bass clarinet. Home / Essay Samples / Music / Song / Analysis Of The Song “Strange Fruit” By Billie Holiday. In 1999, Time magazine named "Strange Fruit" the "song of the century." Billie Holiday made history when she sang a denunciation of racial violence, well ahead of the Civil Rights movement: "Strange Fruit." God Bless The Child: 2. Influence Of Music On People's Health & Intellect Essay, Analysis Of Trap And Pop Music Genres Essay, Comparison Of The Lyrics Of Troubadours’ And British Pop Artists’ Love Songs Essay, Review Of We Didn’T Start The Fire By Billy Joel Essay, The Analysis Of Kiran Desai’S "Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard" Essay. Billie Holiday first performed “Strange Fruit” in 1939 at Café Society, New York City’s first integrated jazz club, after reportedly being introduced to the song by the club’s founder. Strange Fruit (1956 Version) 7. Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop Here is a strange and bitter crop Writer/s: Abel Meeropol Lyrics … Just insert your email and this sample will be sent to you. What a … Just send us a request “Write my paper”. At the time, the Rosenberg sons, Robert and Michael, were 6 and 10, respectively. He was a white Jewish communist man who wrote the poem after seeing photographs of the horrific lynching of black men which haunted him for days. "They're these little boys and they're wearing these caps, and they look so young and so vulnerable. Request writing assistance from a top writer in the field! They both begin at Dewitt Clinton High School, a public high school in the Bronx that has an astonishing number of famous people in its alumni. Top Lyrics of 2011. What A Little Moonlight Can Do: 8. Strange Fruit by Billy Holiday 1351 Words | 6 Pages. Holiday may have popularized "Strange Fruit" and turned it into a work of art, but it was a Jewish communist teacher and … Billie Holiday's version eventually sold more than a million copies. Analysis Of The Song “Strange Fruit” By Billie Holiday “Strange fruit” as sung by Billie Holiday, is a protest song about the lynching of black people and uncovers the brutality of racism and violence in South America. In 1999, Time magazine voted Strange Fruit the Song of the Century. Keystone/Getty Images While the lyrics never mention lynching, the metaphor is painfully clear: Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black body swinging in the Southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Feel free to use our essay and paper samples. Abel Meeropol watches as his sons, Robert and Michael, play with a train set. The song was first written as a poem by Abel Meerpol and was published in 1937. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit Lyrics. And there were hundreds of them. Get inspiration for your writing task, explore essay structures and figure out a title and outline for your paper. When Holiday decided to sing "Strange Fruit," the song reached millions of people. So did Countee Cullen, Richard Rodgers, Burt Lancaster, Stan Lee, Neil Simon, Richard Avedon and Ralph Lauren. Privacy statement. For example, there was an old Japanese maple tree in their backyard, which sent out many new seedlings every year. But he couldn't bring himself to just kill them. Order custom paper and save your time for priority classes! The words “strange” and “bitter crop” implies that something in the picture, as vividly portrayed by the lyrics, does not belong and begins to illustrate the point that lynching was a disgrace to humanity and that it did not belong in society. The extreme imagery, deep emotional lyrics, and slow melancholic tone creates a powerful message that forces the listener to face the reality of racial injustice. was inspired by a photograph of a lynching, Looking For Lady Day's Resting Place? "Strange Fruit" is a song recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939, written by Abel Meeropol and published in 1937. He played it for a New York club owner — who ultimately gave it to Billie Holiday. Strange Fruit: 6. The "strange fruit" referred to in the song are the bodies of African American men being hanged during a lynching. But they might not realize that he's also tied to another watershed moment in America's history. Interpretation and context of Strange Fruit lyrics, analyzed by PhD and Masters students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are taken to prison after being found guilty of nuclear espionage. By clicking “Send”, you agree to our Meeropol left his teaching job at Dewitt Clinton in 1945. Found a great essay sample but want a unique one? July 17 marks the 59th anniversary of Billie Holiday’s death. They had not — but, like many New York teachers in his day, Meeropol was a Communist. In the lyrics, black victims are portrayed as “strange fruit,” as they hang from trees, rotting in the sun, blowing in the wind, and becoming food for crows upon being burned. The lyrics are simple, yet they paint a vivid picture of the horrendous brutality many black people faced in that time. Upcoming Lyrics. The contrast in the first two lines sets the stage for the message of the song by contrasting the life and ripeness of “fruit” to the gruesome deaths as illustrated by the word “blood”. "Strange Fruit" was originally a poem. Billboard Hot 100. We recall Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”, a musical protest against this country’s white supremacist violence. Meaning. "The '60s hadn't happened yet," he says. News accounts described it as "the first husband and wife to die in the electric chair.". There is something else about Abel Meeropol that seems to connect the man who wrote "Strange Fruit" to the man who created a loving family out of a national scandal. It protests the lynching of Black Americans, with lyrics that compare the victims to the fruit of trees. Robert Meeropol says that in the months following his parents' execution, it was unclear who would take care of him and his brother. ⚠️ Remember: This essay was written and uploaded by an average student. Good Morning Heartache: 4. He and his older brother, Michael, were raised by Abel and his wife, Anne Meeropol, after the boys' parents — Ethel and Julius Rosenberg — were executed for espionage in 1953. Good Morning Heartache (1956 Version) 5. "Abel Meeropol's pen name 'Lewis Allan' were the names of their children who were stillborn, who never lived," says his son, Robert Meeropol. They were subsequently executed. ', "Well, he dug them up and put them in coffee cans and lined them up along the side of the house. Strange Fruit. An amateur composer, Meeropol also set his words to music. As recounted in the work of author David Margolick (Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday and the Biography of a Song), Joel Katz’s 2002 documentary Strange Fruit, and … Lyrics. The pleasing nature of the one half of the contrasting pair is outweighed by the devastating nature of the other half. He was also a poet and a social activist, says Gerard Pelisson, who wrote a book about the school. He liked to tell silly jokes and play word games, and he would put on these comedy shows that would leave me rolling.". If the historical background of the song was not known and the words “black bodies” were removed from the lyrics, the song may have appeared to be a song merely against violence. They wanted to know whether the American Communist Party had paid him to write the song. They contrast the pastoral scenes of the South with the ugliness of racist violence. Pastoral scene of the gallant South. Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh The song is comparing black people to the strange fruit, calling them a “bitter crop”.
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