Cambridge Colocation Price List


Rack Pricing

Our pricing is based on power consumption rather than U's of rack space.  We provide racks with 2kW or 4kW of power capacity.  All racks are supplied as standard with a managed 16 port APC Power Distribution Unit allowing remote power-cycle and power usage monitoring and have dedicated 32A supply feeds from our UPS and generator backed power supply. 


Rack Sizes

Rack Maximum
Power Capacity



Bandwidth (pcm)

Price Per Calendar Month


Full *




2.5 TB



Full wide*




10 TB



* limited availability, please enquire

All our standard racks are 1000mm deep.  Standard racks are 600mm wide and 'wide' racks are 800mm wide.  Half racks are 21U high and full racks are 44U.  


Server colocation Pricing

Suitable for 1U and 2U rack-mounted and low profile shelf-mounted equipment.  We can also accommodate larger and other form-factors, e.g. ATX (please enquire).




Bandwidth (pcm)

Price Per Calendar Month

0-99 watt (1U max)


50 GB


100-149 watt


100 GB


150-199 watt


200 GB


200-249 watt


500 GB


250-299 watt £40.00 1 TB POA

300-349 watt


1 TB


349-400 watt £40.00 1 TB POA


For higher data-rates please enquire about our CDR pricing.



For customers requiring geographical diversity, we also have rack space available at Telehouse East  in London Docklands.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Disaster Recovery Deal - Now available in London and Cambridge areas

We are able to offer dedicated unmetered private circuits from your own premises into your co-location rack in our Cambridge facility, providing you with fast direct access to your servers, and optionally also high-speed Internet access. This is ideal for offsite data storage and disaster recovery solutions.  Circuit prices are subject to your location and survey so please contact us for a quote.   



Cambridge to London Datacentre Interconnects

We can provide special rates on unmetered private circuits from our Cambridge facility to various datacentres in London, please contact us for details. 
We can also offer onward connectivity to other sites in or near Cambridge.  Please enquire.