Email service

Hosting your email with Netservers gives you complete control of your email through an easy to use web interface. The Netservers Customer Portal gives you the ability to control all aspect of you email, including:

  • Creating, editing and deleting mailboxes
  • Adding aliases to existing mailboxes
  • Setting up additional "Copy-to" destinations on mailboxes
  • Full per-domain and per-user anti-spam settings
  • Change passwords
  • Set-up vacation messages

All changes you make are instantaneously applied to the Netservers mail server cluster, so there's no waiting around for anyone to makes for you.

POP3, IMAP, Zimbra, Exchange and more

Netservers have always offered a straightforward POP3/IMAP service for our customers based on a solid open-source platform. More recently we have begun offering hosting on Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange platforms. However, our customer portal unifies all of these platforms with a single user interface.

You can chose to host mailboxes from a single domain on more than one platform. So, if you're currently using our standard IMAP service and would like to give Zimbra or Exchange a try, we can set-up one or two mailboxes on the new platform without disruption your existing mailboxes.


Screenshot for email view

This is the main email tab for the domain. Mailboxes, mailing lists and domain-wide anti-spam is available from here.

Portal Screenshot - Mailbox

This is the mailbox editor. From here you can add aliases, copy-to destinations, set user specific anti-spam preferences, access vacation settings and webmail.

Screenshot - mailing list

Adding users to mailing lists is very straightforward. Each mailing list has its own anti-spam preferences, including whitelist and blacklist.

To see a video demonstration of the email management facility, please Click Here.