Ethernet Leased-lines in Cambridge and London

Fibre Leased LineWhat is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated, symmetric, fixed-bandwidth data connection.

By dedicated we mean that all of the leased line's bandwidth is dedicated to you. You are not competing (contending) with others for a share of the service.

Symmetric means that your upload speed is exactly the same as your download speed. This is particularly important for businesses that transmit large amounts of data to the Internet.

Unlike typical broadband services, the amount of bandwidth available to you is fixed. If you purchase a 100Mbit/sec service, that is exactly the speed that we deliver.

What is the difference between point-to-point and Internet services?

For point-to-point services, between two of your sites, we run a dedicated fibre directly between those sites. Because this is a pure fibre-optic service between your sites, your data is traveling at light speed, and cannot be slowed down or interfered with.

For Internet services your dedicated fibre connection runs direct from your premises into our Cambridge Datacenter or one of our core London network PoPs.

Available circuit speeds are 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps.

Why buy a leased line?

Customers needing more bandwidth or a higher service level than our Bonded-ADSL product can offer, opt for leased-lines.

Our Ethernet leased-lines can be ordered in a variety of configurations, for use in combination with our MPLS-like private network, as a private circuit to connect into our co-location facilities, simply as an Internet connection or any combination thereof.

Internet Service

For businesses simply requiring fast, reliable Internet access, our Internet leased-line offering is ideal.  Your circuit will be connected directly to our nearest core network PoP, where it will connected into our diversely routed BGP IPv4 and IPv6 backbone network. We can provide static or BGP routed configurations.

Internet bandwidth can be offered at a flat, unmetered rate (at the circuit speed) or with a Committed-Data-Rate (CDR), metered at the 95th percentile and allowing burst up to the circuit speed.   Circuit prices are subject to your location and survey so please contact us for a quote.


Optional resilience can be provided by a Bonded ADSL or FTTC backup connection into one of our other core network PoPs, helping to keep your business online.

Private Leased-lines

For businesses requiring MPLS-style private networks, our private routing platform can link together multiple Ethernet leased-lines, ADSL, SDSL and FTTC broadband circuits into a managed private network. Optional Bonded ADSL or FTTC backup circuits can be provided with leased-lines, connecting back to your private network at one of our other core network PoPs, helping to keep your key sites online.

Private leased-lines for co-location

We are able to offer special rates on point-to-point private Ethernet circuits into our co-location facility for customers wishing to co-locate equipment with us. Please see our co-location price list for details.